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Barn Door Hardware

Come see barn door hardware options at Tedford’s! This barn door (or wall mounted) hardware, installed by Clarke Associates, is just one example of the many options available for this growing trend in interior doors.  Come see our floor display and literature highlighting some of the most popular options for barn door hardware.

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Now stocking doggie pickup bags

Tedford’s is now stocking doggie pickup bags. Arm & Hammer Essentials, Almond, Bone Shaped, Dog Waste Bag Dispenser, with 30 count green biodegradable bags, bags are made from corn that has the ability to break down & quickly return to nature, attaches to any leash & has the power of baking soda to neutralize natural […]

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We Still Have Plenty of Ice Melt

From Calcium Chloride (for your composite deck or roof), to Safe Pet (no salt for the animal lovers), to the proven True Value ice melt, and everything in between.  Tedford’s is still in great shape on ice melt. Sure Paws, 8 LB, Ice Melter, 100% All Natural Organic Is Safe For Pets Paws & Skin, […]

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